The Stock Option Plans of Banco Indusval S.A. aim at stimulating the expansion of the Company and the fulfillment of the established business targets, enabling the Company to attract and maintain its officers and management-level employees, by offering them the additional advantage of becoming shareholders of the Company, under the partnership concept that guides the new vision and strategy of Indusval & Partners.

The following Stock Options Plans were approved for managers and management-level employees of the Company, as well as the natural persons who provide services to the Company or to a company under its control:

The Company’s Board of Directors, supported by the Compensation Committee, defines the directives of the Stock Option Plans and approves the semiannual option programs.

Below the share options distributed by Banco Indusval S.A.:

Date Granted Plan Grace Period Term for Exercise Strike Price R$ Quantity
Granted Exercised Extinguished Not Exercised
30.01.2012IThree yearsFive years6.84618,1950618,1950
01.07.2011IIThree yearsFive years4.601,167,46301,167,4630
23.12.2011IIThree yearsFive years4.60435,3220435,3220
30.01.2012IIThree yearsFive years4.60101,0690101,0690
31.08.2012IIThree yearsFive years4.60136,7300136,7300
23.12.2011IIIFive yearsSeven years0.921,850,7860151,0241,699,762
31.08.2012IVThree yearsFive years5.25355,8400355,8400
28.02.2013IVThree yearsFive years6.30249,7010113,124136,577
28.02.2014IVThree yearsFive years4.95261,884055,458206,426