Corporate Responsibility

For BI&P, sustainability is part of its governing principles — such as ethics, transparency, responsibility, respect in doing business and in the relations with all its partners — and it is at the core of its business strategy.

We believe sustainable practices applied to our economic, social and environmental management, together with corporate governance principles, minimize our exposure to risk, maximize our efficiency, and add value to our activities, contributing to our perpetuity:


BI&P’s Social Environmental Responsibility Policy reaffirms its commitment to ethical business practices and sustainable development, in addition to encouraging suppliers, partners and customers to adopt responsible practices that lead to social development and promote citizenship and respect for the environment.

As a financial institution engaged in corporate lending, Indusval & Partners understands its responsibility towards the society and the environment. Therefore, aligned with international standards for social environmental issues and through the partnership with international organizations such as the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), BI&P adopts strict criteria in lending, including the restriction to lending to companies which activities are detected to offer environmental risks or engaged in children and/or slave labor or that are engaged in the production or trade of illicit substances or weapons.

In this sense, our credit department has tools to gather relevant information on social environmental issues regarding  the borrowing companies to contribute to the analyses and credit decision.

Internal Stakeholders

BI&P companies invest in staff training and adopts a fair salary and benefit policy, compatible with the duties performed and the market, to foster motivation and willingness to grow professionally among its employees. The Bank also offers several benefits to improve its employees‘ and their dependents’ quality of life, as well as attract and retain talents.

The Bank believes that its mission includes undertaking inclusion initiatives and providing opportunities for young people who want to enter the job market. As a result, it consolidated its existing Apprentice, Intern, Trainee and Professional Training for People with Disabilities programs.

Meanwhile, BI&P promotes awareness of measures such as reducing consumption and avoiding waste to help diminish society‘s impact on the environment. Moreover, it encourages its professionals to become spontaneously engaged in social projects.


We believe that contributing to social development promotes promote civic and economic inclusion and is also an important pillar for the sustainability of our business.

The projects developed and sponsored by Indusval & Partners directly benefited more than 57,000 children, teenagers, adults and educators, and over 240,000, indirectly, including family members and the community. The Bank sponsors projects in education, sports, culture, community development, environment and income generation through strategic partnerships with social organizations, business networks and international development agencies for projects.

We aim at promoting basic development in the communities we work with, in order to educate citizens with critical thinking and developing mechanisms to promote their social development and their communities’.

Founded in January 2008, Indusval Sustainability Institute aims at optimizing the Bank’s social and environmental actions, by developing programs and projects and promoting strategic partnerships to disseminate basic development.

Since its inception, the Institute adopted is guided towards basic development in the creation of programs and activities aiming at social, economic and human development.

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