Banco BI&P focuses its activities on corporate lending in local and foreign currencies to companies in the Emerging Companies segment, with annual sales chiefly in the range from R$200 million and R$500 million; and Corporate segment, customers with annual revenue above R$500 million.

Emerging Companies enterprises typically resort to several banks for the funds that they need for their activities, since they only have access to lower volume credit lines and shorter maturities, and have good growth potential and cash flow generation. On the other hand, larger companies allow credit portfolio diversification with higher quality assets utilizing various products that improve cross-selling, including fee revenues. This customer service segmentation aims at enhanced competitiveness in customer servicing by specialists in attending the specific demands of each segment companies providing customized solutions.

At the end of  June 2017, credit businesses with Corporate segment, started in July 2010, represented  75.4% of Banco BI&P’s loan portfolio, whereas the Emerging Companies enterprises took a  23.8% share.

Out of total loan portfolio, 41.7% derives from loans to industries, 22.3% from commerce, 10.3% from loans to individuals, especially rural producers,  3.5% from financial intermediaries and 22.5% from other services. The most representative economic segments are: Agriculture (37.4%),  Ethanol and Sugar (12.1%),Real Estate (10.6%), Financial Activities (7.8%)  ),Food & Beverage (5.5%), Textile, Apparel & Leather (4.8%)  and the remaining  21.8% of the portfolio is diversified in several segments with isolated participations not exceeding 4.5%.


Local Currency Loans and Financing

  • Working Capital Loan
  • Discount of Receivables
  • Overdraft Accounts
  • Confirming: Credit to Production Chains - Agreements with large companies that offer support to their suppliers in funding their activities by confirming receivables drawn on them.
  • Credit Assignment
  • Local Bank Guarantees
  • Export Financing in Local Currency: Export Credit Notes (NCE and CCE)

 Braziian Development Bank (BNDES) Onlendings

  • Finem
  • Finame
  • BNDES - Exim
  • BNDES Progeren
  • BNDES Automático

Foreign Currency Financing

  • Export Financing: Pre-shipment (ACC) and post-shipment (ACE)
  • Import Financing (FINIMP)
  • Foreign currency financing under Law # 4131
  • Import Draft Discount
  • International Guarantees
  • Import Letters of Credit (L/Cs)
  • Offshore Loan

Agribusiness Financing

  • Agro Product Certificates (CPR): Physical delivery CPRs, Financial CPRs, and Financial/Index CPRs
  • Agribusiness Credit Rights Certificates (CDCA)
  • Inventory Financing (CDA/WA)
  • Barter
  • Agribusiness Receivables Certificate (CRA)

Structured Finance

  • Real State Products (Credit Note - CCI, Receivables Certificate - CRI, Bank Credit Note - CCBI, and Letter of Credit - LCI)
  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Sindycations


  • Hedge - FX and interest rates, among other financial items: Swaps, Forwards (NDF) and Options

Other products offered by Indusval & Partners Corretora de Valores

  • Fixed Income Products: Intermediation of transactions with federal government securities
  • Investment Funds - Stocks
  • Arbitrage Operations: between stock market and ADR market

Banking Services

  • Current Accounts
  • Domestic Collections
  • Internet Banking